Apartment Size Combo Box Kit - 30 Box Package

Apartment Size Combo Box Kit - 30 Box Package
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The Apartment Kit is here! This package is for the apartment sized move which comes with 30 Boxes for the entire package.


15 - Small Boxes
10 - Medium Boxes
  5 - Large Boxes
  1 - Roll Tape
  1 - 10lb Box Paper

1 - Black marker

If you buy this package you will save over $14.61 in savings buying all this separate! Please note that because of the size of our combo kits and the labor involved putting them together, there will be NO returns allowed for any combo kit. All sales final. Metro Detroit orders: For delivery to your door we must impose a $20.00 fuel surcharge delivery fee for this kit.

Any orders placed with $75.00 or more ordered will receive FREE Delivery in Macomb Oakland Wayne County area! Washtenaw and Genessee Counties add $29.75 fuel charge.