Large Combo Box Kit - 150 Box Package

Large Combo Box Kit - 150 Box Package
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Our most purchased kit here! We think its because of what it has! This Large Moving Kit serves well for a Large ranch style home or Medium Colonial, or a Medium condo. You get 158 Boxes and a lot of protective goodies! Includes: 60 - Small Boxes 50 - Medium Boxes 30 - Large Boxes 10 - Extra Large Boxes 6 - DishPaks 6 - DishPak Cell Kits 2 - 25 Lb Bundle Ink Free Packing Paper 6 - Rolls Clear Tape 1 - 15 Cubic Foot Bag Styrofoam Peanuts 2 - Wardrobes (portable closets 3 - Black Markers Buying this Large package retail would cost you over $576.00! That is over $115.00 in savings if you bought all of it separate! Wow! Please note that because of the size of our combo kits and the labor involved putting them together, there will be NO returns allowed for any combo kit purchased. All sales final.
FREE DELIVERY FOR THIS COMBO KIT! Some restrictions do apply.